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Decisions, Decisions

Every day, business owners are faced with many decisions. A lot of them are concerning when to purchase new equipment. Technology salespeople would lead one to believe that only the latest and greatest will do while accountant's view would be quite the opposite.

NTS (National Telcom Service)

can help with those hard decisions. Business owners can count on them to be objective, fair and provide all the information needed to make a good decision. For example see below for tips on when to purchase a new phone system.

When do you need to purchase a new phone system?

Often we receive calls from our customers (or potential customers) because they feel they need a new phone system. Rather than assume that you do need a new system, you may want to review a few questions that could save you time and money.

Why do you feel you need a new system?

  • Are customers complaining of receiving busy signals when they call? Perhaps your system is expandable to add additional lines.
  • Are you ready to add more telephones? Perhaps your system is expandable to add additional telephones.
  • Do you want voice mail? Some systems will allow a third-party voice mail system to be installed on your existing system.
  • Have you been told that you can no longer purchase your type of telephone? Telephones can be purchased for several years after the manufacturer has discontinued your system.
  • Do I need a VOIP phone system? Some customers do and some do not. Let’s discuss the options.

NTS (National Telcom Service)

has been in the telecommunications business since 1981. We have seen many systems come-and-go. Call us for a free consultation on what your needs and goals. The answers may give you a pleasant surprise!